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1:128 injection with flow activated compact peristaltic pump


  • Activated by dry contact pulse water meter

  • Signal repeater relay

  • Activate multiple pumps with one meter

  • Tube replacement without tools

  • Tank System or Meter System available

Not a Traditional Medicator, Inject Straight into the Water Line

Typical medicators use water to mix stock solutions needed for injection and are adversely affected by poor water quality such as grit, hardness or iron. Poor water quality does not affect the performance of the Stennicator; the pump injects straight into the water line eliminating garden hose bypasses that restrict flow. In the Animal Health market, the Stennicator is adaptable to all existing houses with pulsing dry contact water meters, no additional equipment is required.

Watch a fun, animated video to see how.

In addition, the pump is more than just a medicator, it is compatible with a wide range of livestock or poultry solutions and can inject strong acids and disinfectants without harm to the pumps’s moving parts. The chemicals are contained in the peristaltic pump tube and suction and discharge lines. All Stenner peristaltic metering pumps are self-priming and do not lose prime from gaseous solutions.

How It Works

The Stennicator requires a pulsing dry contact water meter and electricity to operate. The pulse from the water meter activates the pump which has a fixed run time to deliver the proper dosage. The pump has three different pulse settings to accommodate the most common water meters used in the industry; 1 or 10 pulses per gallon and 1 pulse per liter.

Additional features include prime and a standby setting. An internal relay allows the water meter pulse to send the signal to the house controller to register the water consumption. The internal relay continues to send the signal even if the standby setting is used to stop the pump from injecting. The relay feature is also perfect for installations requiring multiple pumps, all of which can be activated by one dry contact pulse water meter.

Easy Installation

The Stennicator has a small footprint and can be easily adapted into all existing houses with pulsing water meters.
Click here for a video that illustrates how. An injection check valve is installed into the water line, two lead wires from the Stennicator are connected to the water meter and another two leads are connected to the controller. Suction and discharge lines are secured and the pump is plugged into a 110V outlet.

For water flows up to 5.4 gallons per minute, a second Stennicator can be added for a duplex installation. A third pair of leads can be intertwined to cut the run time in half. This allows injection at 1:256 so two pumps can be wired in series to accommodate higher flow rates.

Unique Stenner Features

  • Tube replacement without tools with the patented quick release pump head. VIEW VIDEO

  • Whiteboard animation video illustrates a Stennicator pump on a poultry farm.

  • Strong acids, disinfectants and solids that can attack seals in a medicator, do not affect the tube in a Stennicator.

Econ Pump General Installation Video
Econ Pump Tube Replacement Video
Econ Stennicator Animated Video

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