Optimize Bird Comfort,
Raise Egg Quality, and More

Egg production thrives when hens thrive, which is why a healthy, comfortable environment is key in egg production systems. Northeast Agri Systems specializes in systems and equipment designed to optimize bird comfort, raise egg quality, and maximize production.

Transitions, upgrades, and new builds of all sizes

Are you thinking of transitioning from caged to cage-free egg production, or ready to upgrade your operations with the latest technology? We can integrate the latest designs into the existing footprint, easily upgrading or outfitting operations with 150+ chicken houses. We serve chicken, duck, and turkey operations of all sizes throughout the northeast, including Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, the Delmarva Peninsula, and Virginia.

Egg system components

We offer innovative systems for both caged and cage-free birds. Our complete systems manage every aspect of egg production automatically, including egg collection, environmental controls, feed management, and much more.

  • Controls
  • Feed bins
  • Egg collectors
  • Evaporative cooling systems
  • Fill systems
  • Nipple drinkers
  • Feeding systems
  • Cage systems
  • Cage-free systems
  • Fans & shutters
  • Manure drying systems

The best brands for your layers


We're a top independent distributor for Chore-Time, the leading poultry system manufacturer in the industry.


Many of our customers are improving their operations with the Flexx System from Alaso. We consulted with Alaso to develop this system, which is designed to be used in standard, enriched, or cage-free systems.

Maximize your farming system


Project prep

One of our specialized salespeople will set up a phone call to discuss permits, necessary contracts, quotes, and the project timeline.


Build & installation

When everything is prepared and excavated, we will begin to build your facility.


Continual support

After your project is complete, our team will always be available for any parts and service needs.

Other construction

Need to add an outbuilding to your poultry operation? In addition to building or renovating your facility, we provide construction for other structures that add value to a variety of farming operations.

  • Manure storage facilities
  • Equipment storage buildings
  • Garages
  • Processing facilities
  • Refrigerated coolers
  • Trailer wash facilities
  • And more!

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